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A chick with a great body, but a horrible face, such that while having sex with her the man must pull the front of the matress over her face, thus resembling a toboggan.
That chick's body is smoking, but her face needs some work. What a toboggan ride she would be.
by GAD March 20, 2005
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Op in an irc chat that kicks people.
*** You have been kicked off channel #hyperspace by Cazov (I don't want to disappoint you :()
by Gad July 03, 2004
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Software Engineering Crew

The most well-known and respected crew in existance. Main headquarters in R.H. with branches in Waterloo and Vancouver.

Requires sponsorship and devouring limp biscuit, anal creampie, and/or butt nugget.
We're in S.E.C. 4 life!

Mason wishes he was in S.E.C.
by gad June 27, 2004
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One who is to good to be true.
You're such a zvone.
by gad July 02, 2003
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