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The modern day version (for women) of the rhetorical question, "Wilma or Betty?" (Flintstones) or "Ginger or Mary Ann?" (Gilligans Island)

"Goose" being Anthony Edwards and "Maverick" being Tom Cruise from the movie Top Gun.
Girl 1: Who would you rather have as your man; Goose (paino playing, family-man best-buddy type) or Maverick (buff but arrogant ladies man)

Girl 2: Goose or Maverick? Goose!
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Simply stated, it is Bacardi 151 and Wild Turkey 101. You pour the concoction into the persons mouth whilst they are sitting upside down in a barber chair, then putting a bar towel over their face (reduces spray). You spin them 2x around to the right, then 2x around to the left. Done. If they haven't vomited, either they are hardcore, or you poured them water.
I went to a bar in LaCrosse for OctoberFest in 1981. I had my first Gorilla Fart ever. And my last ever. No Sane person does this. Nor a sober person.
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A married or unmarried male who is all of what the Boy Scouts aspire to be in public or in private.
You were married and alone, but bragged up your family in mixed company. You didn't hit on me. You didn't touch my thigh or grab my arm. You met me in a public place each night, and sent me away as such. You were a gentleman. You pulled out my chair. You are what all women want, but none can achieve. You are a Boy Scout.
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Any number of female rodeo aficionados prone to wearing skin-tight jeans, boots, push up bras and loose fitting, button-down shirts who:

a. haunt various events looking for some sugar daddy to "take her away" from her dreary farm existance and put her on a horse ranch where she "deserves to be". AKA a "country gold-digger". OR,

b. bored attractive female who hits the local country bars and rodeos looking for a good looking someone to buy her drinks and dance with her. BUT THATS ALL.
Good Lord. Look at that buckle bunny over there. If those pants were any tighter, she could pick up an apple with that camel toe.
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Any chronically debilitated patient, (usually not able to communicate due to stroke or coma) admitted to the hospital that has little or no hope for recovery. They are literally sent there so that family members can presume to live without "the guilt" of letting their loved one die with the least bit of human dignity. As a result, these poor souls die a slow, pitiful death, out of sight from their family because their family doesn't have the seeds to "pull the plug".

Literally: Get Outta My E. R.
Aunt Hazel is a gomer over at St. Vincents... her family would rather let her rot slowly in the hospital than let her die with dignity.
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An image of a toy duck on wheels, when expecting an electronic computer link to something else. Often found on message boards and blogs frequented by computer fanboys. The precursor to the modern Rick Roll.
Damn! I got a duckroll instead of that video clip of Elvis I was looking for!
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