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A Black African American person who, because he/she has the desire to make a success of their life, has gained the wrath of foolish Black African Americans who have decided to make a shambles of their own. Often OREO's are educated, intelligent, and the respect of the business community. Thus, in the eyes of the dominant Black African American community, they are "guilty" of being "White" on the inside.
Leroy: Damn, Rastus. That nigga Raymond has hisself a BMW, a fine home and an upper management career with a Fortune 500 company... let's pop a cap in that muthafuckin' oreo and steal his car!

Rastus: Uh... what does Fortune 500 mean?
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A pickup truck. Usually with the truck bed filled with empty beer cans and/or dogs.
Billy Bob went over to pick up his date Sue Ellen in his beat-up cowboy cadillac.
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The example given in #31 should be enough proof as to the intellect of the typical chav. They can't spell, nor can they speak in a fashion that is understandable to anyone else but a charver. However, the male variety are proficient in getting stinkin' pissed every day of the week, and the female is likely to breed like rabbits before they reach the ripe old age of 16, and are typically on the public dole. They think they are tough, but they are instead ridiculous. The dregs of society. Monkeys that fling feces at a zoo are better mannered.
Charv: Lenz a tab, ay?
Human: What?
Charv: A fag, m8!
Human: I am not your mate, and I suspect you could afford your own cigarettes if you were intelligent enough to acquire even a part-time job. Sod off!
Charv: Fook off, cunt!
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A cleverly disguised shopping bag that is lined in some manner with aluminum foil so that it renders electronic shoplifting sensors useless. Used by shoplifters to secret their ill-gotten goods out of the store unnoticed.
Q. Dude! How in the heck did you lift those 14 pairs of jeans?

A> I just dropped them in my booster bag and walked out the front of the store!
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The visual sight of swirling beer cans and trash in the back of a pick up while traveling down a roadway.

Created by the vortex (draft) coming over the top of a pickup into the bed. The vortex creates a swirling tornado of debris that soon flies out of the bed and litters the highway with garbage.
Joe Bob created quite the visual as all the crap in the back of his pickup created a Texas tornado while traveling up Interstate 45.
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1. An intangible attribute. You need not be model thin nor movie star gorgeous to be sexy. Sexy is the whole package, including that "certain something" that you can't quite put your finger on. Sexy may include the persons attitude, voice, attire and body language.

2. An unfortunate use of the word that certain rap thugs like to use to describe their "aura" and the vibe of their parties.
1. Ellen might be packing on a few extra pounds, but she is way sexy. Just the way she walks and carries herself is enough to make me bust a nut!

2. Do not disturb the SEXY! (P.Diddy)
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