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you initiate slump mode typically when you smoke indica or when you’re starting to come down from your high. you get hella tired and next thing you know it’s the next day and you wasted your high
friend 1: dude i’m on slump mode wake me up in 5 mins i’m gonna get a quick power nap in
friend 2: we all know you’re out ftd
by fuckalight March 2, 2019
this term is used when someone says something that you didn’t want to hear. this is the default when you don’t have a comeback or you want to completely ignore what ever a person said.
person 1: trump is a great president
person 2: y’all hear sum? i sure didn’t.

my ex said he still likes me...y’all hear sum?
by fuckalight March 2, 2019
1: when you’re so high you start comparing your friends to weird ass shit

2: when you feel it’s necessary to stomp around with your arms out in a modified t-pose on the way to the fridge. this is when a lot of delayed laughs come in.
friend 1: dude why are you walking like that?

friend 2: dude i initiated full yeti mode

bro you look like a whole ass yeti OMM you’re on full yeti mode
by fuckalight March 2, 2019
this is something that is always the solution to what ever issue you may be having. cotton mouth? a liquid is the antidote. red eyes? eye drops. new pack of pods? antidote
friend 1: hey bro i haven’t hit a juul in like 10 mins sauce me it

friend 2: yeah man this is the nicotine withdrawal antidote
by fuckalight March 2, 2019
if you’re seeing this on a snapchat story 9/10 times this is a thirsty middle school girl who actually wants you to ask her what’s wrong and tell you all her problems and force you to deal with them. this is decieving as fuck and a thirst trap. steer clear of someone who says this
hella thirsty 8th graded: “no one hmu only the real ones know what i mean. they know who they are”
a caring and sensible person: what’s wrong

8th grader: well it’s all started on a gloomy afternoon in july......
by fuckalight March 2, 2019
when you’ve been smoking hellas and you have a drug test
dude my mom said she’s gonna drug test me time to initiate certo mode
by fuckalight February 28, 2019
this is referring to any nicotine device
hey man can you sauce me your buzz machine? i’m all out of juice
by fuckalight March 2, 2019