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to dive into a womans muff, ie plunge your tongue into her womanhood.
i dived some muff last night, word.
by frosty the snowman April 27, 2003
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1.to spill and to pour at the same time.
2.when you are talking to fast and combine two words together...it makes speaking english easier
stop spouring the milk, retard!
by frosty the snowman February 19, 2006
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An astronaut sent to space re-enters the atmosphere, returns home, and has sex with his/her partner.
Karen L. Nyberg and Douglas G. Hurley had re-entry sex after their re-entry into Earth's atmosphere in 2000.
by Frosty the Snowman January 20, 2013
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The act of homicide in which a person, usually a child, forcefully throws a snowball on to an oncoming car that results in a death.
Billy: I just got out of the slammer.
Phillip: What did you get arrested for?
Billy: Snowhicular manslaughter; I packed the meanest snowball and absolutely destroyed a car. I got locked up for 3 years. Who ever thought a 12 year old would go to jail?
by Frosty The Snowman December 09, 2012
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To leave ones ass unwiped.
To have bad anal hygine.
You smell, you must have a frosty date.
by frosty the snowman April 27, 2003
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