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perhaps the greatest thing ever to happen to weekdays and sunday nights at 8. Seasons 4-12 were the golden years. THe early ones were kinda stupid, and the later ones aren't as witty and clever, but i must love it to the end.
Haha, i have seen every single simpsons episode ever made multiple times
by Frost October 16, 2004

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A popular telivision mafia family found in a show of the same name on HBO. The core consists of
Tony, a large, level headed mob boss.
Carmela, the somewhat and rightly disgruntled spouse of Tony.
Meadow, the politically leftist but bright daughter.
A.J., the spitting image of Tony without all the redeeming qualities (an asshole).
Who gives a damn if Sex and the City is gone- we still have the fuckin' Sopranos!
by Frost March 12, 2004

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A cheifly British term used to identify one who masturbates.
"Get that kid off my ice you little wankers!"
by Frost March 12, 2004

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Shortened form of promenade. Defined fully in the previous 10 some entries.
Hey Billy-Sue, would you be so kind as to be my date to the prom? I promise I'll take a shower if you do.
by Frost March 12, 2004

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1. The Inuit goddess of the sea
2. The Tenth Planet/Astroid in orbit of Sol.
Sedna's diameter is almost 2000km
by frost March 14, 2004

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a mix between flut and bitch...see FLUT
uhh, i hate her what a fitch

by FROST December 11, 2004

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