16 definition by friarsams

used to describe a woman engaging in sexual intercourse with a male.
Bitch got dicked out by that huge dude last nite; she aint walkin too good this morning holla
by friarsams April 21, 2005

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An insulting term used to describe an actual homosexual, or any male who acts in an affeminate or gay manner.

Can also be used to describe a party of grouping that is comprised largely of males.
See the dude over there with the man purse? Total homo-show.

I was at the frat party for like 10 minutes, but I left because it was a fuckin homo-show
by friarsams April 20, 2005

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Mixed alcoholic drink.
The only ice I got is in my drinkies
by friarsams November 04, 2005

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A dude who does a lot of coke
a 6'4 grazzle monster from Katonah New York....
by friarSams January 08, 2005

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A person who, through absurd or irrelevant actions or comments, achieves a certain level of idiocy that likens him or her to a clown.

A joke, loser, douch bag, jerk-off
Yo I just thought I'd tell you that your boyfriend is total clown status.
by friarSams March 23, 2005

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a yatch; vagina. slang term, offensive.
I was in the back of Jeep, fingering her yatch piece for like an hour... then I drove her home.
by friarsams May 03, 2005

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An extension of beat, its another, more extreme way of discussing the unattractivenes of a woman.

Best used when extending the pronounciation of the second 'a' in 'salad'.
She might have a dope body, but that girl's face is beat salad.
by friarsams May 02, 2005

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