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"showmethumtitties." A phrase that in itself, captures the collective attitude and mentality of rebuking and belittling the postmodern feminist movement. Contemptuous, repressive, real. Used as much as a rallying cry as it is a direct instruction.
Self-empowered woman: "You'd better respect me. If you don't appreciate me, I'll find a real man who will."

Disinterested male: "showmethumtitties."
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Dillusional ex-girlfriend: "This is my new boyfriend as you can plainly see, he's much better than you ever were."

Two gentlemen nod, share unspoken acknowledgement, "showmethumtitties".
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Uppity coed has gathered a campus crowd: "Hi guys, my name is arbitrary female name, and I'm running for Student-Body President. It's really important that you all come out to vote, so that we can show the rest of the school how seriously our class takes student government and the betterment of this university."

Largely-male audience: "showmethumtitties."
by friarSams August 26, 2007

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Also a term for an individual, particualrly a man, of short stature. Insult
Sam: "Yo whats up short stack?"
Gary Coleman: "What u talkin about"
by friarsams April 20, 2005

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