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mexican-americans, usually female and from middle class homes, who favor a sophisticated, even dressy version of the goth look. wear as much make-up as cholas sometimes, but in more creative ways. typically loves the smiths, and has a penchant for old school latino horror movies. can impress you with a knowledge of creepy mexican folklore, and may claim to have seen la llorona. without fail, these women have great hair, and are as tough as any suerenita.
"eh, hermano, who is the girl in all black ?"

"oh, that's marisol. whatcha think ?"

"dunno ese. she's fine, but sorta scary at the same time, you know ?"

"mexi-goths rule, my man"
by frere ubu January 08, 2008
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Mexican American college kids and grads from Los Angeles and Orange County that dress a hybrid of classic goth black with a Mexican twist and slightly mod. Girls especially in this category will have barrettes in their Sad Girl hair even when they are 40. Mexi-Goths listen to both their mothers and Morrissey and almost always can't speak Spanish.
The Mexi-goth listening to an old Smiths song on her iPod stared down at her feet and tried to remain invisible to the advancing group of white jocks walking towards her.
by writerchickmama March 02, 2005
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