the state of bein perdue... special... kosher...
can be used as "she is perdue"... "he is totally not perdue"... "the toothdecaying molar is not perdue"
by T & C, Inc. December 17, 2004
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a type of chicken that most likely genetically modifies their chicken or they give them steriods
Damn that Perdue Chicken has so much cartilage
by lollerskatermaster March 14, 2015
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When something bad happens but you don't have an etiquette response. Draws from French word.
You- "I lost my keys"
by TimUrban March 4, 2019
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The act of knocking someone out with one punch. Originated in the boxing circuits but went mainstream in late 2011. Used now to describe what you will do to someone in everyday encounters not just the boxing ring.
Person 1 being a total ass

Person 2 "You better shut up before you get perdued"

"Holy shit! That guy perdued the shit outa him!"
by afghantruthsayer January 3, 2012
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A school full of gigantic fucking pussies that are so weak that even the slightest breeze could kill them. All Perdue fans are pussies as well and Indiana university is better in every way
Look at that Perdue pushiest over there
by Indiana university rules September 21, 2018
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Skip, skip, skip to Perdue! Skip, skip, skip to Perdue! Skip, skip, skip to Perdue, skip to my future college!!
by Pop-N-Fresh December 16, 2003
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