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The undictionary is the opposite of the dictionary. It shows how all words and concepts including these have no real meaning and why, starting with the word a and ending with the letter z. It is very useful when one wants to control her/his own life, by so called others, and escape being a machine. It can refute any argument or control over ones life, provided one follows what is commonly called karma. It is starting to be assembled here and now, the only time and place that might be. We all know time, space, words, ideas, life, life, death, are just some of the more major ideas that have been used to control our behavior to reduce our lives to the mechanical level. Once the undictionary is fully assembled and widely accepted we can start to get out of the cave of plato and live life. Please remember words are only like fingers pointing, to start to get us where we need to go, and have no absolute intrincic meaning. One can not point to any thing except a thing itself, THAT thing pointed to is it's own meaning, not the words that are commonly applied to it.
"Eddy look up "homework" in the undictionary and showed his teacher why it didn't really exist. She realized how smart he was and gave him a PhD degree and he could go back to working 6 hours a year for a middle class existence the way it should have been all along, and will be once the undictionary is accepted as meaningful, or more so, than the standard Webster-type dictionary."
by fred ressler October 07, 2006

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A good example of how the standard dictionary definitions are "meaningless," as are all words in them, is the word "meaningless." See the undictionary and meaning, and one will see how there is nothing "meaningless," or any "meaning," in any word including "meaning", except as hints to get us where we need to go. Most people are lost in a sea of belief that words have absolute meaning and have become word fundamentalists. This has led to a world where people fight to the death defending words and ideas that they love. Each object speaks it's own meaning and to call any object meaningless, is belittling. There is no object that one can point to that is "meaningless." "Meaningless," is only a false idea, as are all words.
"Zerbinas mother said her life was meaningless, so she joined the army to kill people she didn't know, or be killed herself to give her life meaning. Her action had no "meaning," nor were they "meaningless." They were beyond words/concepts/ideas including the word beyond. They spoke for themself, interpreted differently by each person who perceived them.
by fred ressler October 09, 2006

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To hear in a unique, authentic, original, revelatory, transcendent, creative and/or enlightened manner; especially if one is also able to transmit this way of hearing to others by playing music, singing or elevating the consciousness of the listener by producing sounds. What a visionary, is to sight and images, an audiary, is to sounds and music.
Some examples of celebrites who have heard music and played in this manner are John Coltrane, Albert Ayler, Pharoah Sanders,(aka- The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit), Thelonious Monk, (aka- the High Priest), Lester Young, Charlie Parker, Eric Dolphy, and Charles Ives.
Although not strictly music as entertainment, Ayahuasca shamen of South America have been reported to elevate the consciousness of the listener, and transporting her/him to higher dimensions by singing in an audiary manner.
by fred ressler October 02, 2006

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Paraudolia is the hearing of tunes, songs, and words where the are not found as usually defined. They are not created intentionally by man (or "aliens"). As in words heard on records played backwards. These are opposed to words, songs and tunes created intentionally by humans (or "aliens"). Also opposed to hearing words or melodies in raindrops, white noise, bell ringing, or when tired, as these are types of auditory hallucinations. Paraudolia is to sound, as pareidolia is to visual imagery.
"He played a Beatles record backwards and heard seven words in a row that had nothing to do with the sounds and music when played forward, it was pure paraudolia."
by fred ressler October 02, 2006

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Parafiltrum is the name of the skin between the nose and the upper lip. This is a newly coined term. The filtrum is the name of the verticle two grooves in the center of the parafiltrum.
The parafiltrum is the name of the skin covered by a mustache.
by fred ressler September 05, 2008

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Beyondpositivism is a new way of looking at things, if accepted we may avoid blowing ourselves to beyondsmitherines. Everything is beyond positive, and negative and all words; but since we use words lets get real. Instead of saying cold, which is negative and doesn't exist (there is no absolute zero), lets say lesshot. Instead of saying war, which would be nice if it existed much less, call it lesspeace and "war," will disappear much more quickly. It would lead to less lessmultiplication, the old world for division. Instead of evil, it would be lessgood. What ever can be said, can be said beyondpositivly.
Her whole philosophy of life was beyondpositivism. She lived in a state of satori.
by fred ressler October 25, 2006

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NOPITA is an acronyn which stands for Natural Organic Pain in the Ass. Many pepole are considered NOPITA'S at home, school, work or in any relationship. Most often being a NOPITA is a reaction to the big NOPITA'S who are running the world.
Eddy was a NOPITA but he was just at a loss to fit into the NOPITA run world.
by fred ressler October 30, 2006

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