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There is your several types of bro's

peasent bro
standard bro
general bro
super bro

peasent bro's will follow the other lebs
standard bro's have some respect
general bro's are your standard lebs except a 3 word vocab
super bro, they are to be feared, their vocab consists of WTF BRO!, YULLAH, GOT THE STASH and THE FUCK!, they are more intelligent than your standard bro, with an amazing 4 word vocab
they also make people panic
peasent bro -- "hi guys! .. i mean BRO!"
standard bro -- "sup bro"
general bro -- "WTF BRO, ECCY, BRO!"
super bro -- "WTF BRO!"
by largo September 17, 2004
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Best friends, (two straight men,) who play around together when there are no woman to be had.
Those two are tight, I hear they are Superbros!
by John J. Osborn December 03, 2007
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