Simplified and modified cuisines copied from all over the world. Mostly hearty and greasy food, they are pan-fried, deep fried or baked. Seldomly steamed, and do not include other body parts from any animal besides their meats. Since fast food restaurants are so abundant in America, one could argue that American food actually implies fast food.
"I will show you what real American food is all about - super-size the fries and three patties, please."

"Despite ice-cream was invented by the Chinese, pizzas by the Italians, only Americans can make them taste so good and fattening! I love American food!"
by onion73 December 1, 2005
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any food product that was invented in the U.S.
Ice cream is an American food.
by Light Joker October 27, 2004
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Food that is not made of cats or dogs. Food that does not go through your system in 15 minutes.
wordChinese food/word? Cats. wordMexican food/word? Dogs. Gimme a good old hamburger or hot dog over that other wordshit/word.
by Anonymous July 3, 2003
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