To be canned for speaking too openly about your bosses shortcomings.
Scott was McChrystalized for talking shit about the boss last week.
by SnotNosePunk June 24, 2010
To "go mcchrystal" is to openly mock your boss, boss' boss, or other superior, usually resulting in demotion, firing, or "spending more time with my family".
Office drone 1: What happened to Bob, his cubicle is cleared out.

Office drone 2: He got drunk at the office party and went all mcchrystal, started making fun of the VPs, and they were in the room when it happened.
by jevanyn June 23, 2010
verb- to be tricked into doing something stupid and then be fired for it. Preferably when the one being tricked is a boss at his job.
Evan: Stan McChrystal, the most badass army general since George Patton, was just tricked by some rolling stone reporter into bashing Obama's entire staff!!
Pete: Damn, that dude just got McChrystaled

John: Did you hear pete just got promoted to sales head?
Will: I hate that little prick. he makes us all look bad by selling so much. We should McChrystal him and trick him into hitting on the owners 14 year old daughter.
John: Good call, I'm in.
by Pablos Corinodas June 24, 2010
The act of publicly bashing your boss or other superiors in a forum that will certainly be on display for your boss and other superiors to witness.. Often done while consuming alcohol.
I knew he had gone McChrystal when he called the department chief a clown on video.

...and when he said he thought the boss was intimidated by him; man, he was full on "McChrystal" by then.

I wonder if he knew the video camera was turned on?

Dude, he's SO fired ........
by Suit-Oh-Nym June 24, 2010
When you speak out in an inappropriate way that's bound to have consequences.
I was blasting my boss and didn't realize she was on the other side of my cubie.

You totally McChrystaled.
by froganny June 25, 2010