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Largest private school in NJ, located in an upper-middle class Northern NJ town,Paramus;principal boasts of an abnormally large collection of flags around the perimeter of the building, diverse student body,a large 'bubble' used for sports much like one used in professional sports arenas, and a large weight training facility; generally less snooty than the other North Jersey Catholic High Schools; home to many guidos,wiggers,and several other people who assume themselves to be ghetto fabulous; many residents of P-town, Clifton,Shag-Lawn, and every other Northern town go here; common to see (Tony Soprano) James Gandolfini's dad in the cafeteria serving fries; often goes by the abbreviation "PC";also known as the best high school ever.
I feel like every time I go to the Garden State Plaza I see people in their Paramus Catholic uniforms from
the co-ed uniform company.
by foshizzle February 23, 2005

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one who loves the cock on 5 million levels
dude, aaron is so pok, he's like some dreamy pok fag or somethin'!
by FoShizzle May 18, 2003

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Windows Media Player
I'm gonna go watch some pr0n on WMP.
by foshizzle June 11, 2003

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a really huge poop, one that snakes around the perimeter of the bowl. Can also be wide in girth. accomplished by going pooptron
Woah, that's a stinky anaconda I just laid down.
by FoShizZle March 14, 2005

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1. n. Bastardization of Uday and Qusay, sons of Saddam Hussein. Who day & u say is used to describe two dumbass males who are looking for trouble (often through violence) and will soon find it. Also, Columbine Kids, or Dylan and Eric.
"Look at who day & u say over there, trying to fuck up the Governator's Hummer."
by foshizzle May 12, 2004

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a highly evolved vector for diseases such as malaria and influenza
like a fly ya know
by foshizzle December 03, 2003

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to be utterly retarded due to drugs or alcohol
Damn, John was donkin so bad this weekend that he puked in a garbage bag in the common room!
by FoShizZle March 14, 2005

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