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pfft!!!! The best instant food on EARTH, created in Japan and originally used for japanese astronauts, they are now mostly consumed by poor college students, and ppl who wish they were japanese.
Chicken is one of the best flavores..I like cup ramen the best because it has the little dehydrated chickend and veggies in it...Yum.
by fook May 20, 2005
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A variation on the rather typical emoticon ^_^ based of of japanese cartooning, it is used to show a cheerful embarrassment: A sweat on the side of face.
Faggot: Tee-hee! I have elmo underwear!

politeOtaku:ok ^_^;

Person: I shoved my foot up his ass and then it got stuck...^_^;
Person2: Poop must have been all over your shoes ^_^;
by fook April 13, 2005
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To have hold a girl by her legs upside down and eat her ass out as she blows you.
As Above HELLO!
by FooK November 26, 2003
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a guy who really likes to show off his hot abs
that guy is always showing off his abs, he is such an avetis tngrian
by fook March 24, 2005
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a dick (male or female) a shit, watever you want to call a "thing"
also used to replace a dirty word
andy's thing is big!!!
u left a huge thing in the toilet
i used the thing for protection
today i touched my thing and it felt good
by fook August 24, 2003
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Verb: To pull a Whedon is to drink 5 beers before 10 AM then get in a car to go on a 2 hour ride only to find your self surrounded in your own bodily acids minutes after departure.

Noun: one who throws up in the back seat of a car while on I64 (debating on whether or not to tell the driver for a good 5 minutes) A Whedon then proceeds to strip to her bloomers on the side of the road and stuff her puke soaked clothes in with her clean clothes. (A true Whedon will throw up again 30 minutes later.)Later a Whedon will shower in some old ladies soiled shower.
girl 1: OMG look at the drunk ass bitch on the side of the road with no clothes on
girl 2: what a whedon!

Girl 1: i whedoned yesterday
girl 2: thats embarrasing!
by fook February 10, 2005
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