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To be prejudice against a race or ethnic group. Ie to racially discriminate or negatively stereotype due to a race or ethnicity.
Black people are ugly. Well that was racist.
by foodboy96 March 23, 2022
Slang for underwear, usually when discribing a stressful or awkward situation where someone's underwear is involved.
If my clothes aren't ready, I'm going to work in my damn dundies. I'm kidding, but for real, I need those clothes here soon.
by foodboy96 May 11, 2021
Take a poop. Usually a mondo duke or a poop that takes a long time, but any poop on the toilet counts.
I've got to go talk to Reagan.
by foodboy96 October 23, 2022
Also talking to Reagan. A phrase that means to take a shit. Usually a mondo duke or a shit that will take a long time, but any shit on a toilet will do.
I've got to talk to Reagan.
You going to wake him from the dead?
You should, he'd tell the man in office right now he's screwing everything up.
by foodboy96 October 22, 2022
(Based off "The Office Downsizing Game") (past tense of being on Team Michael) In the workplace, when someone gets passed up for promotion.
My bosses new I was open for promotion, but I got Team Michaeled as they gave it to Rachel.
by foodboy96 July 19, 2020
I'm 5'0 and Hispanic! I'm an IBM!
by foodboy96 February 4, 2021
(Based off "The Office Downsizing Game") This term refers to the workplace, may refer to someone who is:
A. A subordinate or B. Someone looking for promotion whose bosses are not looking at promoting

Both are members of this group!
I don't think my bosses will ever promote me, as long as I'm working here I'm on Team Michael.
by foodboy96 July 19, 2020