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A woman is so infatuated with a man and the way he sexes her she can become dicknotized, hypnotized by the dick.
Steve told his dog Richard, "Yo man, I got her dicknotized. Seriously, she's calling morning noon and night on a wet nut check."
by filmzillz November 22, 2009

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fucking somebody you really don't like that much so you fuck the dog shit out of them.
i can't stand that bitch melanie so i called her up thursday for a good old grudge fuck just because i had some frustrations to take out.
by filmzillz October 24, 2009

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to give or recieve oral sex
receiving oral sex is GETTING skull. giving oral sex is GIVING skull.
by filmzillz October 18, 2008

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A sociologist imagination of the culture of whores and whoredom. An educated study in sociology of how social influences pressure many young women to mindlessly exploit themselves contradicting feminism and serving hegemony and male dominance over women lowering themselves to display behavior considered to be unacceptable and associated with thots, jump offs and gold diggers.
Rosebudd, double D and Fillmore Slim are well versed in whoreology. I would say they are the ultimate whoreologist.
by filmzillz August 29, 2014

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When a person cannot take their hands off their new iMac or Apple Mac based product. It's almost as if they are chronic public masturbators only difference is they jack off over technology.
I got my MacBook Pro Sunday night and I haven't been anywhere near social. I've been all alone in my room with the door closed with my computer practicing Macabation.
by filmzillz February 27, 2012

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The act of a man having sex with a woman and fucking like a captive fresh off the slave boat.
He rolled her over face down ass up for doggie style and proceeded to give her the kunta stickingof her life.
by filmzillz October 24, 2009

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An idiot of a whore. A person who is a dimwit and promiscuous.
Rita is such a whorediot, she fucked up and swore he was the best she ever had.
by filmzillz July 17, 2014

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