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A nowist is a person who believes in living in the moment. A nowist sheds negative things in the past and and gains energy from positive things in the right now, thereby improving the possible future.
Helen is a nowist, she believes in making the best of every situation.
by fetsiboomsticks July 22, 2009

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A system whereby everywhere you look there are people wanting something, begging for something, whining for something. And the needy are the ones in charge.
These are several examples of a needyocracy - a group of students who don't want to hand their projects in on time, and their attitude is "What'you gonna do about it?"; People who tell you all about their needs, and not what they are going to do about it; Criminals taking the easy way and getting away with it; Emotional neediness in relationships, and not trying to be a tiny bit independent; Bosses that can't make decisions, and won't take self-improvement courses...; etc
by fetsiboomsticks August 28, 2008

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A state of being when living in a needyocracy.
Wealthy Western people are often bombarded by the media with scenes of needyocrity in poorer nations.
by fetsiboomsticks August 29, 2008

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An alleged statement of truth. But instead it is something old fogeys (stuck in the past and head buried in the sand) believe to be a truism. A falsehood. A nonsense statement based on an old way of thinking.
It's an oldfogeyism that Facebook leads to an inability to communicate in the real world.
by fetsiboomsticks August 05, 2009

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Resisting change and resisting moving forward no matter how insane the consequences.
Elinor understands the mule effect when trying to change other people's minds. People dig their heels in and refuse to budge during an argument. But automuling seems a bit strange, especially when resisting change that can help you move forward results in nasty consequences
by fetsiboomsticks July 15, 2009

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Supergrinning is not the inane smile you get at the end of the sentence. It's when you are really excited and the grin is very broad, involves many double chins and signifies 'very pleased'. :)))))
Fetsiboomsticks was supergrinning when she came round the corner so I knew she had found the spilled milk. Her supergrin beamed 'delicious'.
by fetsiboomsticks February 25, 2009

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To ask for a word to be included in the Urban Dictionary.
I am going to urbandictionarize my new word.
by fetsiboomsticks July 15, 2009

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