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noun; an incredibly sweet, sexy woman who can put a smile on your face with the greatest of ease. A Elinor has great strength of character and is an awesome friend who will always be by your side. She has an irresistible smile and the most beautiful eyes. A Elinor gives the best hugs in the world. She is a loving and caring girlfriend and the type of boys want to marry.I LOVE ELINOR!!
Hey look at Elinor she is soooo sexy... WOW
by Rebecca Yakobi March 18, 2013
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a goddess of the old Irish mythology. One of fertility, beauty and rituals of experimenting inventive sexual positions. Is shaped as the perfect woman, found in many Irish wood carvings.
that's one hell of an elinor you pulled out last night. didn't know you're that flexible!
by CookiesForAll February 05, 2010
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Elinor is an old German name, dating back to the 1600โ€™s. Elinor is a very caring girl who always puts herself out for her friends. She can be quite shy at first but once you get to know her sheโ€™s the bestest person to be around when you are in need. Elinor has an amazing figure and a beautiful face. She is strong both mentally and physically and never fails to make people smile.
Everyone needs an Elinor in their life!
by LolBoiyouGay January 17, 2018
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she is a bitch. her favourite words to use are bitch, hoe ass and her favourite saying is โ€œchuppa mi pollaโ€~ meaning suck my dick. elinor is a slag as well, she canโ€™t give handjobs but will shag you at a gaff after one drink do not woryb
โ€œelinor is a bitch, elinor can chuppa mi polla hoe assโ€
by granny doo doo February 05, 2019
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