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Temecula is boring, nice weather, conveiently located between san diego and La and beaches. Although it is an hour or so drive to these destinations, Temecula itself lacks any sorce of entertainment except maybe pechanga. Which actually is pretty cool... if you are over 21.
Temecula is full of drugs, and people who think they are hardcore. They act like they are in gangs and from the ghetto, but none of them even know what being in the ghetto is. They talk like they're from the ghetto, sayin nigga after every word, but they're all white and are just ignorant sob's.

Temecula is full of bro's and bor ho's. They think they are bad ass because they own dirt bikes, but none of them ride, they just own them because they think it's cool.

All they really do is sit around and smoke weed all day and talk about how awesome their dirt bike ride went that never happened.

Most of the kids have tattoo's of stupid things like a tattoo of a giant toilet on their forearm. Many just get a tattoo because everyone else is doing it.
by feces face February 21, 2011
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St. George is like any other city in utah... Full of mormons.

If you aren't mormon.. you'll be looked like you're black.

That's another thing, black people are about as hard to come by as a shooting star.
Polygamists are regular sites to be seen at Costco. They usually have 10 kids with them, and those ten kids are each carrying a baby. They can be commonly seen buying 10 gallon containers of mayonaise and a cart full of toilet paper.

The city is full of:
A) emo teenagers with nothing to do but smoke weed, sit around, and smoke more weed.

B) senior citizens who sit in their houses all day that occasionally come out to drive their golf carts 1/4 mile then stop to realize they don't even live near a golf course, and drive back home.

C) Preppy teens who hang out at wal-mart all day.
D) latinos who rave about how awesome their latino heratige is.

The most exciting event of the year is when st. George hoasts the senior olympics.. St. George is hot, and boring. It's like Las vegas, without all that las vegas has to offer. There's a church on every corner, and is extremely diverse... not.

The nice thing about St. George is there's hardly any crime, compared to the rest of utah winters aren't so bad... but compared to California it's hell during winter. There is a very luxurious part of St. George which is very pretty. Unfortunately 99.9% of the population can't afford to live there. The people are really nice too, and it's only an hour and a half away from sin city.
"Hey look it's St. George!"

Californian: Wow it is so cold up in har during the winter!

Californian2: I know it's nearly 50 degrees, better put on the snow chains.
by feces face February 21, 2011
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How I still say deadmau5, even though I know it's suppose to be "dead mouse"
"Dude I love deadmau five!"

"You're an idiot..."
by feces face August 24, 2012
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This is Ecstasy:

This profound love, this sudden mind rush that has you absolutely floored. You "open" your eyes and look around, surrounded by friends you love, who love you back, you feel your heart open to the most infinite, deepest love you could possibly imagine. The kind of love you feel when your mom is sick and you are taking care of her x100. It is so pure and unhindered by your own personal problems. Your barriers go with it. You can say things shamelessly that you would have previously blushed to even privately think about. And previously what might have been met with scorn is met with another's infinite love.

The happiest and most free you've ever felt times 100.
a warm feeling all over. Touch is so innately sensitive that just the smallest touch feels absolutely amazing.

I tell everyone I love them and I mean it with every fiber of my being at that point in time. E is the human race without the primal, darwinian, negative emotions that bog us down. E is indescribable,E is to be experienced, E is unreal. The feeling of E is utopia.

Ecstasy is currently being tested for use with PTSD and other emotional traumas. Before it was illegal it was used in marriage counseling. What makes you feel so loving and comfortable with everyone is the hormone oxytocin.

If you're feeling crappy after taking E, it's most likely from the immense stress ecstasy puts on your body and adrenals. It's not brain damage, it's your body.
"hey man what's Ecstasy"

The most amazing life changing drug.
by feces face February 21, 2011
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A free live webcam site. THough 90% of the "models" on their broadcasting are gross there are the few that are actually hot and fun to chat with and put on a good show.

Unlike other live webcam sites where one person pays to go private, chaturbate everyone can see and the model is based on tips.

Though many people on the site actually just masturbate and broadcast for free without expecting any pay out.

It's supposedly the fastest live webcam site. It's great if you want more of an interaction, and not just a boring recorded video.
"have you heard of chaturbate?"

"Dafuq s that an actual site?"
by feces face August 24, 2012
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This movie tells the story of a depressed, lonely, spoiled, self indulgent divorcee who travels around the world and finds herself. The only sad thing about her is her lack of self awareness and understanding that there is absolutely nothing unique or interesting about her. The only talent she has as far as you can tell from the movie is her ability to suck up a plate of spaghetti without getting sauce on her face.

The movie has no plot and the characters and dialogue are extremely boring. Watching this unfold for 2 and a half hours is like having a slow root canal.

The big surprise at the end is that she finds love again. This was indeed surprising to me as I was thinking that the poor guy that ends up with this woman is doomed.
"Have you seen that movie eat pray love?"

"yeah.. should have been called sit stare yawn."
by feces face August 23, 2012
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