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(v) a way of taking back everything you just said
Often used as the expression "I'm just kidding"
Your mom is fat, stupid slut, who smells so bad it makes me vomit, I'm just kidding.

by fatwinks May 12, 2006
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Musket ass is violent and explosive diarrhea that has a stentch so bad it could possibly knock some one out.
"That is no orchestra playing in that stall over there; that is a case of musket ass."
by fatwinks February 06, 2005
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Winker is an attractive male, often times crazy, very random, and more often than not dangerously sexy.
That Winker is so sexy. Winker is the man. Hail Winker. Winker you are the man.
by fatwinks February 04, 2005
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Geeze is often used by someone who has just been insulted or teased. More often than not it is used after being teased.
"I was with your mom last night."

"Geeze... well you suck."
by fatwinks February 05, 2005
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an adj. or expression describing how delicoius something is (It is usually only reserved for times when the food is so good it causes the person eating the food to moan and groan in delight.)
This steak (uhmmm) is yummy.
by fatwinks April 03, 2005
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It is a sport that is tough but not as tough as a biathlon, triathlon, or any other polyathlon. This is only because biathlons and up include running plus biking, rowing, swimming, or anyother form of strenuous activity.
Cross Country is basically running on courses of different distances which can include various types of terrain.
Derek managed to shit himself and puke everywhere while running a cross country race this summer.

by fatwinks May 11, 2006
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