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the last bite of your chipotle burrito, about the size of 2 normal bites, but you just stuff it in your mouth.
Dude yesterday I went to chipotle and I almost didn't finish my burrito, but then I realized all that was left was the God-bite so I stuffed it in my mouth
by fanous December 8, 2010
the act of being or getting mind f******
Friend 1: Dude that in class essay yesterday was ridiculously hard, i had no clue what to write
Friend 2: Dude i got inceptioned by that essay
by fanous December 8, 2010
1. describing someone who is so amazing or amazing at something that you have to use the word twice in a row, usually followed by some ridiculous metaphor or simile
friend 1: kobe is an amazing basketball player
friend 2:dude kobe is amazingly amazing, he is like morgan freeman's voice
by fanous November 23, 2010
When a man or woman's homosexuality/straightness becomes questionable.
Ryan is homosketchual based on his sense of style.
by fanous November 24, 2013
a word stronger than awkward, derived from the show"boy meets world", it describes a situation so awkward and embarrassing all you can do is mutter a random formation of letters, such as aguba
today there was an awkward silence in class, and during that silence the nerdy girl behind me felt the need to yell to the whole class that she loves me, it was so aguba
by fanous November 23, 2010
1. noun-the act of having phenomenal swagger, but also being a douchebag

2. verb-the wearing of the brand tapout
FRIEND 1: hey man nice threads, i like your swagger
FRIEND 2: shutup idiot
FRIEND 1:wow you are such a swagbag
by fanous November 23, 2010
1. acronym for the game Call of Duty
2. the reason why guys have no life
3. the reason why guys don't have girlfriends
4. the reason why girlfriends hate their boyfriends
5. the reason that people are still living
girlfriend: what are you doing?
boyfriend: shut up im playing COD
girlfriend: can i play with you?
boyfriend: (laughs to himself and continues playing)
girlfriend: thats it, its over
by fanous November 23, 2010