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the act of being or getting mind f******
Friend 1: Dude that in class essay yesterday was ridiculously hard, i had no clue what to write
Friend 2: Dude i got inceptioned by that essay
by fanous December 07, 2010
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The period between 1-2 days of seeing the movie, still trying to wonder what the f*ck just happened.
Man and Woman walk out of Theater:
-man: so was it all a dream?
woman: i think it was reality.-

And thus, you are Inceptioned
by awqaw August 06, 2010
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the act of completely fucking someone's mind.

getting inside someones head, and either convincing them of something, or causing them to question the reality of the situation.

after inceptioning someone it is imperative to say inception to the target, letting them know they just got mind fucked


Inception is also a game, with rules

*inception is a game best played lit as fuck, and is won when one person inceptions everyone in the room, regardless. you should always help out someone trying to inception another, by validating their story.
guy1: dude so when you going to order that pizza
guy2(target): what pizza?
guy1: you just said you would order a pizza
guy3: yeah man you did say that
guy2: No i didnt
guy4: yes you did dude
guy1: come on man!
guy2: damn, alright
guy1: inception!

guy3: you just got inceptioned

target: hey you guys want to watch the game?
guy1: what?
target: the championship game?
gu1: what are you talking about, they played that yesterday
target: no its today
guy3: it was yesterday dude, we all watched it
target: :no seriously
guy1: seriously it was yesterday at 9:00
target: what! (looks it up online)
guy1: Inception!
target: damn, you inceptioned me pretty good haha
by Hardbodychamp28 April 07, 2011
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When another person mentions something completely unimportant during a normal conversation and that idea becomes so lodged in your mind that you cannot help but act on it sometime in the near future. Then when you act on it, you get screwed.
Girl Next To You: "Hey, so I was talking to this guy last night and he just randomly kissed me. I didn't even care. I just kissed him back."
You: "Well that sure is interesting..."

Two days later...

You: "Hey (insert random girl's name here), I wanna kiss you even though I don't know you."

Random Girl: "That's really stupid you perv!" (insert slap here)

You: "Well thank you very much (insert name of girl you were sitting by), I seem to have been inceptioned..."
by Schrodinger'spuppet December 13, 2010
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(past tense, action) to have entered ones dream while they sleep in an attempt to change their mind about something.
"He finally made the deal! What changed his mind?"
"I inceptioned him. He didn't stand a chance."
by Thefifthbandit August 30, 2018
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The act in which both a male and female are having sexual intercourse in the bathtub until right before the male is about to ejaculate, he takes his partners head and submerges it under the water until he is finished.
Male 1: "What did you do tonight?"
Males 2: "I inceptioned my girl"
Male 1: "Dreamy"
by SnookiezInc January 29, 2012
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