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The people that worship the partisan droppings of a Political swami named The Oracle Q-anon. They have obsessed about imaginary pedophilia, even swapping provocative pics of kids, yet they have never even helped one kid. These perverted Q-cumbers are planning executions and Civil War. they think Donald Trump is fighting a war with the "deep state."
Don't feel bad if those commenters falsely called you a pedophile, they're Q-cumbers!
by eye tunes April 25, 2020
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When a person pretends to love America, but they really hate half of America.
A Faketriot is full of petty, partisan animosity. He trashes fellow Americans, if they don't think exactly like he does.
I knew Donald Trump was a Faketriot when he joked with Putin about our sovereignty. (in June, 2019, in Japan.)
by eye tunes April 24, 2020
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This term describes people like Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the only guy who ever cried at a job intervieW who got the job...FOR LIFE! It describes a person who will lie about even the little things. This type of person will lie about stupid little things, like the Devils Triangle, to hide his normal teenage debauchery, all in order to judge others.
We needed a Pillar of Truth for the Supremes, we got a Shiller of Boof.
by eye tunes April 25, 2020
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A Trump-fueled, conspiracy-riddled, emotionally-charged, childish, volatile, irrational, innappropriate, disrespectful, display of dangerous foolishness, most often done by the Cult of Personality of Donald Trump, the MAGA mob.

(Insurrection Day, Jan.6th, 2021, would be the "Trumper-Tantrum of Terror".)
The Pastor at my local church is having a Trumper-tantrum about simple, temporary health measures, like wearing a mask.
by eye tunes January 31, 2021
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the hard, crusty ring of dried ketchup that's around the opening of a ketchup bottle.
Oh yuck, I just poured some fletcha on my burger.
by eye tunes April 25, 2020
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A person steeped in the Radical Republican ideas of Rush Limbaugh. They listen to Rush everyday. They think every Democrat is out to get them and they think they are the only true American. They are the ones that call Limbaugh "El Rushbo" and they often say "Ditto".
by eye tunes April 24, 2020
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