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A cock that at erected size is considered large, but unerected is a 1 incher.
When David P. was boning me i thought he was huge, until i later peeked on him in the toilet and saw that he had a cockis.
by eneman September 22, 2004

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Longer version of MAD, make a doody or making a doody (BRB MAD)
Hey Jonathan! BRB GGMAD!!
by eneman September 22, 2004

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The rival Emo.......................
Dude, I'm so feko. "Curse my enemas forever let's slit our turds and place them upod our heads"
by eneman August 21, 2006

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A very long penis, thats very thin. (Opposite of a chode)
holy crap joey!!! u have a pencil dick! no wonder sara wont let u bone her again...
by eneman October 01, 2004

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When a man or women chases an animal and attempts to stick any of his/her sexual organs (P, V, nose) into one of hte animals hooles (anal, vaginal, oral, nasal, earal, blowhole (only in the case of a dolphin)
Hey andrew, i heard yeseterday u attempted to rodef evans frog.
by ENEMAN February 07, 2005

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A word to describe someone who was pantsed at a pool party, whose penis shrunk because of the temperature of the water.
Eli: Hey Carly Look!!!!!!
by eneman September 22, 2004

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