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Opposite of being Fresh.

Synonyms: Over, Done
After singing the little mermaid for 3 hours and annoying everyone, Chris was finished.
by em August 4, 2003
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One of the best Visual-Kai bands around. Japanese rock.
Members include:
Die: Guitar
Kaoru: Lead Guitar
Kyo: Vocals
Shinya: Drums
Toshiya: Bass

They've been around for about eight years now and have strayed from their visual look but in their time have explored tons of different styles of music, and clothing.

their official site: www.direngrey.co.jp

for pictures, go here www.geocities.com/lavendernoheya01/dir.html
Dir En Grey kicks so much ass, particularly "Mitsu to Tsuba" or "Cage."
by em December 4, 2004
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This is an acronym for "Pulled out of my ass," meaning that an idea or ideas were hastily created to fit a situation.
I was worried about my test results because most of my answers were pooma.
by em December 28, 2004
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britts the shit!!!!!!! weve had so many aweosme times!! ahahahaha "i love nature?" but it was funny !! i lvoe you! we gotta get toegterh befroe you leave!!
by em July 14, 2003
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rose to prominence in the 80's when business practices went on vacation.
a buzzword thrown around by upper and middle management when talking about group a and group b and how they will now be group c instead.
a fancy way of saying youll be working with other people while not loosing any sense of prepiness.
we want to capitulate on the synergy you are currently exuding on the johansen and johansen project by relocating the various work groups into a cohabited interpersonal work environment where your personal strengths will empower each other so we can achieve maximum efficiency, ok?
by em June 4, 2004
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multi purpose, based on how pronounced
neeeep (in lost voice) i need attention
nnnepp (like a growl) back off!
by em May 7, 2003
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The sarcastic form of the term 'Safe', to describe a bad situation or comment. Often said after 'Aw'.
a twat - I copied your style
you - Aw safe yeah!
by em November 4, 2004
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