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The way a person in New England would describe something as being really awesome.
Game four was wicked pissah!
by em January 23, 2005

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One of the best Visual-Kai bands around. Japanese rock.
Members include:
Die: Guitar
Kaoru: Lead Guitar
Kyo: Vocals
Shinya: Drums
Toshiya: Bass

They've been around for about eight years now and have strayed from their visual look but in their time have explored tons of different styles of music, and clothing.

their official site: www.direngrey.co.jp

for pictures, go here www.geocities.com/lavendernoheya01/dir.html
Dir En Grey kicks so much ass, particularly "Mitsu to Tsuba" or "Cage."
by Em December 03, 2004

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Person (male or female) who are under the impression that they are the ruler of the world... or at least the establishment they are getting service in. Basically a person who expects to get what he wants in a store, restaurant, etc., with no regard to policies or laws.
B: I had the shittiest customer this morning!
C: What happened?
B: She expected me to take her friend's credit card, and when I told her I legally couldn't do it, she bitched me out and called over my manager screaming that she'd never shop here again!
C: Sounds like a classic entitlement bitch to me.
by em May 02, 2005

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The castrated sexual organ of a male dragon, supposedly useful for making wishes. The exact roots of this myth are unknown, but historians speculate a connection with anime.
Don't touch that dragonball; it may grant you wishes, but it may also give you herpes.
by Em February 07, 2003

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best radio station in the world
a huge variety of great music
funny and witty annoucers
great vibe
jjj = hot shit
by em March 18, 2004

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somewhere where no one does what they are supposed to do. A place to run around, listen to music, bother the teacher, mess with ppl, burn things, pretty much doing anything that isn't productive.
your like my science class.
by EM May 09, 2002

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A delightfully sexy man, generally worldly wise and well acquainted with the internet. Absolutely irresistable to all females, with eyes to die for and a delightful body.
Damn, last night was so good he could have been a jonti.
by em January 09, 2004

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