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mindless tunnel vision
yo bro you have a serious case of MTV; you gots to see the big pic, yo.
by Eduardo July 08, 2003

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1. upon bufuing a mexican whore, you whip out your penis and smeer the remaining feces on your penis to the upper lip to make it appear as if she has a mustache

2. really dirty mexican person
1. "Dude i went down to mexico and got this fine ass mexican hoe and pulled the dirty sanchez."

"Dude, you are a sickkkk fuck."

"Dude don't worry, she licked it off when i was done."

2. "Get off the road you dirty sanchez."
by eduardo June 19, 2004

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Unexplained homosexual behaviour. Usually involves a family number either the father o runcle.
Cut this hamidi out i dont feel lyke ass fuckin
by Eduardo January 07, 2005

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1. an annoying insect

2. when a sick bastard takes a straw and sucks up the blood from his female companion's seeping vagina
"Dude i gave her the mosquito."
"You are one sick little bastard."
by eduardo June 18, 2004

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A slang for cum when he is sailing in orgasmic fluids. one individual thread of semen.
Yo get this sea man out of my eye
by Eduardo January 10, 2005

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1. A piece of rope that is straight.
2. (slang) Highly potent marijuana.
1. I will climb up that rock face with this straight rope.
2. This shit's straight rope, dog.
by Eduardo January 16, 2004

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1. Events considered to be shady.
2. Business conducted in a shady area (under a tree, behind a tall building).
1. He sold you 1.5 for thirty? That's some shady business!
2. Gee, it's hot out. I hope that this transaction is some shady business.
by Eduardo August 11, 2004

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