1. A universal saying for naughtiness.

2. Lesser known: french for "Oh, there there!"
1. "Have you seen Gerard Way? Ooh la la!"

2. Monica gave her friend a reassuring hug. "Ooh la la."
by A Anon February 23, 2009
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what you say to a friend when a sexy guy/girl walks by to get them to look.

usually used by girls.

also a stupid under cover nick-nameish thing between friends about a crush.
Me: "ooh la la!"

Friend: "where?"

Me: "over by that white truck..."

Friend: "go talk to him!"
by hopelessly confused July 10, 2008
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What French girls say when you slip 'em the pinky up the kooch.
Ooh la la! C'est Bon Mike! Oui! Oui! Plus! Plus!
by hydroponics June 01, 2003
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Generally preceded by carrying on or letting loose with the gang after a night of wild partying and fun. A public display of overt, high-level faggotry, unparalled by any other display of gaiety or fierceness. Over-the-top cutting up, reading and doing shows usually denote an ooh la la.
On the cab ride, we were cutting (up) and ooh la la-ing so fiercely, that we forgot to pick up our crazy sistah.
by Schmooey Xtravaganza July 24, 2009
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