'Giles lived for school. He's actually bitter that there are only 12 grades. The man probably sat in math class going: there isn't enough math, this could be mathier.'
by BowTieGirl June 14, 2003
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Giles is a popular pseudonym for a women's sex toy, most often a vibrator, but can refer to some similiar objects aswell.

This originates from a person named Giles who was apparently 'cute as a rabbit', which eventually led to this naughty little innuendo.
"Pass me the Giles"
"Have you got a Giles with you?"
"My Giles is out of batteries"
by JOSHUA.C August 19, 2009
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(Verb) To clean one's glasses intently in an attempt to
make oneself appear more intelligent whilst conversing.
"It appears we are in a troublesome situation."
'Stop gilesing Matt!'
"I'm not, my glasses really need a good cleaning!"
'By talking, you only prove my point further.'
by MizaBrega November 18, 2011
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A person called Giles is some one that loves rarely but deeply. He wont let many people see the real him but if he does, feel very honored. GIles is a worldly person and a bit of a loner at times but will talk to any randoms he comes accross. If you are lucky enough to be a friend of Giles there is nothing he wouldn't do for you. How ever, Giles will also be extremely stubborn and childish at time so if your going to pick a fight with him make sure you know your argument well or he will try to out wit you and argue til hes blue in the face, even when he is wrong!
"so have you got proof of this alleged fat man coming down the chimney?"

"oh ok GILES lets turn this into a debate shall we"
by savannahblue November 30, 2018
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