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The elder sister of Maya Hoo, Maya Ha, and Maya Ha-ha
Boy 1: Have you heard of Maya Hee?
Boy 2: Maya Who?
Boy 1: Maya Ha, Maya Ha-ha
by drzech August 31, 2020
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When you shuffle your 'liked songs' playlist on Spotify, which includes all of the songs you've ever liked. Chances are there's some pretty cringe shit in there you don't want your friends to hear.
Brody: I played some liked song roulette in the car yesterday with the boys, and now they all know I'm a secret K-pop stan
Tom: Yikes
by drzech August 13, 2022
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A place where troops of boy scouts go for a week in the middle of the summer. Each troop sends a group varying in size, some can barely fill a tent while some outnumber the entire staff. The place reeks of sweat and tortured souls, and the latrines smell even worse. Kids leave after having a week of traumatic memories and are never themselves again. Make sure to check out:

-The Trading post, unless it's been robbed
-The campwide relay
-the staff not giving a shit
-the staff giving too many shits
-The one troop that causes chaos all week and the troop that's late to everything
-11yr olds fighting with 17yr olds
-staff skits
-falling into the latrine
Kid 1: what happened to Todd? he hasn't been the same recently, seems shaken.
Kid 2: I heard he has PTSD from Boy scout camp.
Kid 3: Apparently he lost 80% of his blood to mosquitoes
by drzech April 29, 2020
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An anime that takes place inside of the human body, where each character represents a cell. It's mostly about a clumsy red blood cell running after an emo white blood cell who kicks bacteria ass while screaming "Die"

Each episode depicts a different problem inside the human body, and it's funny even though it actually teaches you stuff. tbh this should just replace biology class.
Ever since I watched Cells at Work, I feel sorry every time I injure myself. Imagine how many cute lil blood cells I just killed.
by drzech April 29, 2020
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When you make the move that your opponent thinks you wouldn't do because they thought you would make the move they expected you to do because they think you were avoiding using the move that they wouldn't expect you to do.
Guy 1:How did you win that game?

Guy 2: I used Reverse Reverse Reverse Psychology, and his brain hurt so badly that he just surrendered
by drzech June 17, 2020
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