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part of the 2005 NCAA Championship UNC Tar Heels, and one of the best shooters in the country. A definite lottery pick in the NBA Draft.
McCants hits the big three pointer, then throws up the rhombus of domination in all the haters faces.
by drizzle April 12, 2005

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The catch-all replacement word when you need one.
1. I'd give it to her magillicuty.
2. That's a magillicuty of interesting things.
3. Don't make me go magillicuty on your a$$.
by Drizzle August 15, 2006

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What you call the inebriated alter-ego of a male friend. You know, drunk off your ass. Drunk enough to tell the dude next to you, "you have so much more potential", and then start crying. Very, very, very, very, very drunk.
During the party, His alter-ego "Belligero" told us how he really feels.
by Drizzle March 18, 2005

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slang word for dro (bomb ass weed)
Hows it looking?
Theres a light drizzle today.

Translation: Got any tree's?
I got some dro today
by drizzle March 27, 2003

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Abbreviation for magillicutty
1. That's a mugilli if I've ever seen one.
2. If you make him mad he'll go magilli on you a$$.
by Drizzle August 15, 2006

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Swahili for getting drunk
andrew: hey goma lets grab the ped
goma: fucking fucker what the fuck
andrew: come lets go to la orden and grab the ped!!!
by drizzle May 25, 2004

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A mouse that was made pink on valentines day. it is veyr loving and puts a smile everybodies face. he warms ur heart and soul with his pink wiskers
That Valentine Mouse is a Hottie
by drizzle February 14, 2005

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