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Adjective describing terrible banter or a person with terrible banter
I had to sit next to Sally at dinner last night. She was chatastrophic!
by dr ben June 28, 2009

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The five minute period just after entering a nightclub but just before buying your first drink where it is customary to casually explore all areas of the club looking for male/female talent
Dude come with me on this tour of duty and lets see who we can throw game at tonight
by dr ben February 12, 2009

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Related to the term poisoned chalice (meaning something initially appearing good that later turns out to be a burden), a poisoned turd is something unpleasant that you have been forced to do/accept which later to turns out to be much worse than it initially seemed
James: When Tom got me to do that presentation for him, he neglected to mention that the entire departmental staff would be present and that the data were from the wrong fiscal quarter

Betty: Wow he handed you a real poisoned turd
by dr ben February 15, 2011

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The state of feeling overbloated from having consumed too much beer. Can be partially cured by burping.
After four hours in the pub I felt incredibly beerous.
by dr ben August 12, 2012

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After an evening of moderate drinking, Danger Beer is the beer that puts you over the edge to fully drunk and doubles the resultant hangover. You know you shouldn't have it but you can't resist one last beer before the night is over.
"Sorry I'm late, ended up having Danger Beer last night and couldn't find my pants this morning"
by dr ben September 04, 2011

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When a sudden flash of inspiration leads to a horrible chain of events. The opposite of a masterstroke.
Jim: I thought it might be a good idea to use a blowtorch to trim my butt hair. Now I haven't sat down for a week and when I fart it smells like barbecue.

Bob: That's a hell of a disasterstroke dude
by dr ben May 30, 2013

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The small bits of fluff from a sock that still cling to your foot after you have taken a sock off. These occur particularly if it has been a sweaty day and the socks are relatively new.
Ugh I took my socks off to go swimming and found some sock nuggets clinging to my feet
by dr ben April 10, 2013

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