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Unwritten rule amongst drug dealers: Never spend more than 10 g's in one place. The reason being that an expenditure of over $10,000 in cash requires filling out an IRS form.
"I want to buy that mercedes, but then I'd have to break the 10 G limit."
by DoktorJ December 15, 2005
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The act of trying to get people to come into a nightclub, either via advertisement or word of mouth. To assemble a concert or club event.
We passed out flyers on 6th street to promote the new trance club.
by DoktorJ December 15, 2005
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Feminism perpetrated with the obvious agenda of getting laid. Not real feminism, but manipulative sycophantic speech and gestures disguised as feminism. Can often even take the form of competitive flirting, where one romantic candidate tries to be "more feminist" than another.
"He won't treat her like a lady," Logan said.

But what he really meant was that he wanted her for himself, and would stoop to any level to discredit her true love's worthiness.

Logan was always doing this. His over-zealous and competitive douchebag feminism was a transparent attempt to be sexually popular with women, thus feeding his own sexual conquest of all the local girls.
by doktorj February 23, 2014
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To rectify an undesirable situation via the process of smacking down upon hos, tricks, marks, and bitches.
I had to smacktify the situation and make those bitches smackognize.
by DoktorJ December 15, 2005
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Time of night when crackheads are out on the streets. Usually used to imply a scandalous or shady time of night, like 3 AM in the ghetto.
Some bitch woke me up last night at crack thirty in the morning just so he could score a gram off me. What a punk.


We can't ride the subway at crack thirty in the morning, we'll get mugged!
by DoktorJ December 15, 2005
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AIDS Grenade (noun): When you start hanging out with a chick who has AIDS, just so that everyone will think you close, and then when your enemies come out of the woodwork to bang her, they get AIDS.
Dude: 'Does Jim really bang that junkie chick who's always hanging around?'

Bro: 'Naw, she's an AIDS Grenade.'
by doktorj November 24, 2014
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The feeling of moral and physical superiority one derives from riding a bicycle instead of driving a car.
Justin felt so good about himself from riding his bike to work all week, he delivered an obnoxious sermon to his co-workers about refusing to contribute to the destruction of the environment and resource wars. And that was when he realized he had bicycle egotism.
by doktorj February 18, 2014
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