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Samir: There's nothing wrong with that name.

Michael: There was nothing wrong with my name, until I was about 12 years old and that no talent ass clown became famous and started winning Grammys!

Samir: Well, why don't you just go by 'Mike' instead of 'Michael'?

Michael: No way, why should I change? He's the one who sucks!
by Dok April 16, 2005

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A forum dedicated to the Grand Theft Auto game series. The website opened in Late 2003; now it's a shithole thanks to the uncaring Administrator there. It finally closed for good earlier this year, and most of the members have since moved to the website GTA-6.com, which is maintained by former GTA5 members. The GTA5 Admin stands out amongst a long line of fuckwits for not maintaining the Forums on a regular basis and never finishing the RPG system he promised.
Man, GTA5's Admin is/was a fucking idiot.
by Dok February 10, 2005

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Candy which is composed of a creamy, mint-flavored goo covered in solid chocolate.
Junior Mints kinda look like bird shit.
by Dok April 16, 2005

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the female breast, titties, boob, cannons, juggs, tig bitties etc.
man she has really big tikkies
by dok December 03, 2002

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Unofficial mascot of the Internet.
Everyone on the Internet loves llamas.
by Dok June 08, 2005

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