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(Pronounced Moe-ab) It stands for Mouth On Ass and Balls.
(Also could be spelled M.O.A.B.)
He was squealing like a little girl due to the MOAB technique she was using on him.
by dogh2o April 08, 2012

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Semen that lacks viscosity, as a result of a less than sufficient amount of refractory time from the last ejaculation, causing the ejaculate to resemble the murky water that has sat in a dog's bowl too long.
Known south of the border as "El Agua De Pero"
As a result of their non stop passionate lovemaking, he had been shooting nothing but "dogwater" all night.
by dogh2o December 29, 2011

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Straddling a woman's face, balls in her mouth, while titty fucking her, one leg on the floor, the other on the bed, reminicent of the pose struck by George Washington in the famous Revolutionary War Painting "Washington Crossing the Delaware"
After an extended amount of time in a Captain Morgan style doggy position, he flipped her over and and switched into his "Crossing the Delaware" stance until his leg started to cramp.
by dogh2o December 29, 2011

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A person who has dated,married,or had sex with someone you know is considered "tainted".

Their level of "taintedness" makes it questionable as to whether or not you should be involving yourself with that person,usually, and especially in an intimate manner.
There are several factors involved with determining the degree of a person's "taintedness", such as;

-How well one knows the person or people, that the tainted individual was with (and if you know and don't like that person, then the "taint factor" is waived and becomes more of a "Yeah, I banged that asshole's ex!)
-How long ago that relationship or encounter took place,
if that person had been with the "tainter" last night, their "taintedness" would be just about radioactive...
on the other end, there is a standard five year statute of limitations and the taint in most cases has worn off.
-Some degrees of "taint" are infinate, such as Brother's ex-wife, ex's of parents etc.
-The combinations of situations and connections are so numerous that there is no exact science for taint determination and each case must be evaluated on it's own.
In most cases there should be an individual who has the experience and knowledge to act as "Judge of the Taint" to rule on tainted individuals for you or your social circle,and that person's judgement should be taken into consideration before going ahead and doing whatever you were going to do in the first place.
Talk about "tainted" ! She used to be married to my best friend, before divorcing him last year, but she's so sexy, I'm gonna bang her, no matter how "tainted" she is.
by dogh2o March 04, 2012

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