11 definitions by dill

1. Japenese for perfvert
2. Sexual/Pornagraphy anime drawings
by dill March 23, 2005
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this song is about someone being obsessed with their girlfriend/boyfriend. Great song, Kurt's personal favorite.
Hey man that girl is draining you, your not even actin the same.
by dill April 24, 2004
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One who feasts upon children from the womb or within the first year from birth.

One who eats lamb meat.

Comes from latin root tu sickum.
Getcho head outta there what are you some babyeater?
by dill May 04, 2004
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an expression says when he is stoned and playing old school nentindo!
yeah i got a home run in R.B.I basebell
by dill July 05, 2003
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a cute nickname for slow walking cute individuals.
She is so damn tutles.
Ahhh... yu so cute turtles.
Em is a turtle
by dill October 29, 2003
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