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Quick and simple explanation of one's choice of action?
Police: pull over
You: Suck it!
by Dill April 28, 2003

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Who Gives a F*ck?
Who will clean up the Firecracker trash?
I don't know, WGAF?
by Dill July 03, 2004

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Everyone on here is stupid.

It's an adjective.

It's the name of a Sir-Mix-A-Lot album, and it's a synonym for cool, fresh, or dope.
"Man, how good was that show?"

"That shit was SWASS..."
by Dill September 03, 2004

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this song is about someone being obsessed with their girlfriend/boyfriend. Great song, Kurt's personal favorite.
Hey man that girl is draining you, your not even actin the same.
by dill April 24, 2004

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1. Japenese for perfvert
2. Sexual/Pornagraphy anime drawings
I could look at that all day..
by Dill March 23, 2005

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Miserable, spoil sport.
Stop being mourngy and come play football.
by Dill December 02, 2003

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ginger homo
Richard B is niche the rizebee one.
by Dill June 04, 2003

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