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The agent Peely show is a Fortnite/ try hard to be funny TikTok he tryโ€™s to get attention on social media by posting sorta funny videos by talking to his brother if they are good. If you are at this part and still reading I like to play tf2 and because ๐•€ ๐•’๐•ž ๐•™๐•š๐•ž
Friend 1, agent peely uploaded today!
Friend 2, Finally!
Friend 1, dang, he has a stupid upload schedule. The Agent peely show is a TikToker
by digital January 12, 2021
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Its a hybird of man and package
My Manackage was in jeopardy when i jumped from the airplane while i was nude.
by digital April 7, 2003
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a situation, someone or something that is ghey.
1) dood this club is exhibiting such gheyness.

2) man that guy has so much gheyness.

3) your car has uber gheyness!
by digital July 3, 2003
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One who is Digital is not analog, quick thinking and on point with everything around them. Digital is also known as Eli.
Spit that digital shit. Yo you be on that digital shit. Come on man get digital, step your game up.
by digital April 6, 2005
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The biggest barn who I am a hull to.
Hmmm I'm thirsty...digital "I'll get you a drink! want me to do your laundry while I'm up?"
by digital February 23, 2004
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A person named Emily who is uber l33t.
omg i am talking to uberem!! rofl!!
by digital July 3, 2003
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