The way a racist white person describes a black person that agrees with them in their social and political views.
Redneck: Who did you vote for?
Black person: Trump!
Redneck: Oh! So you're one of the good ones!
by elsaabka December 9, 2020
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Used in a political sense. This phrase is used towards Black Americans when other ethnic groups (usually white conservatives) feel like a black individual is perceived as a "safe negro". One whose presence doesn't "threaten" others. One that others wouldn't see as militant, conscious, or a "thug". You can find this phrase used primarily towards black conservatives, black people are often known to talk down to Black Americans, or Black Americans who simply aren't overtly stereotypical in the negative sense.

This phrase can be seen as code speak by suspected white supremacists. A racial epithet disguised as a compliment to denigrate Black Americans
You're not like the others, you're one of the good ones.

Wow Jamal, your speech was s articulate, you're one of the good ones.

You know Demarkus? Yeah, he said that he didn't approve of the protest. thank god he's one of the good ones.
by Chowflap November 19, 2021
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