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Musical persona used by the Undisputable greatest musical artist of all-time, David Bowie, which was created in the late 70's. The Thin White Duke was Bowie at his musical peak, clouded by a cocaine-induced haze in which he recorded the album, "Station to Station," but claims not recalling doing so, due to his excessive cocaine use. Arguably the most controversial and darkest of Bowie characters.
Guy who knows nothing about music: "Hey, wouldn't you agree that Eminem's Slim Shady character is the greatest musical persona of all-time."

Guy who knows music: "Hell no, shithead, the Thin White Duke is far more abstract, musically talented, and creative. PWNED!"
by J.O. April 20, 2006
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1. A persona used by David Bowie in the Mid-1970's, following Ziggy Stardust but before his brief "German Fascist" phase.

2. A Bowie- inspired fashion based on tight-fitting dress pants, pristine white shirts, and waistcoats.

3. A white male's Penis.
1. Bowie was at his peak when he was the Thin White Duke, before he got weird again.

2. Kurt's going for a Thin White Duke look this week.

3. I just got done choking the Thin White Duke in the Wal-Mart bathroom
by NeonDuke November 11, 2010
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