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Busted by the FBI or some similar organisation. The term is a corruption of "v&," which evolved naturally from the fact that 7 and & share the same key; "v&" is itself a corruption of "Vanned," which refers to the 4chan meme about the Party Van.
In 1997, Gary Glitter was v7 for possession of CP.
by Cassandra Leo October 30, 2007
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The ownage series of v and 7 I put after Gotham because it makes it look lwnzorz mc doogle, and I can also use a 7 for my emblem.

P.S. I'm in StK. w00t!
by Gotham March 12, 2005
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fat slob that does nothing but eat ass
yo v7 is eating that trannys ass
by derasu November 3, 2021
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