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A turd big enough to crush a car
shit look out for that king kong finger
by Denny January 20, 2005

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7'6, HUGE,dude
What a yao big shot.
by Denny September 04, 2003

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1. A statement of being, purpose, or intent.
2. Short for gravy
3. Short on gravy
4. A person who does not eat beef but enjoys a bit of gravy
5. Plastic
1. Everyone cheered as the president handed in his LeftSock to congress
2. Pass the LeftSock
3. We're a bit LeftSock
4. Why aren't you eating dinner? Don't be a LeftSock
5. LeftSock
by Denny June 23, 2003

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A playa that doesn't have to try, and sweats pimp juice.
That giggaty gangsta was blown dro on twenty-fo's and didn't even have to try to get the hot ass hoes.
by Denny November 18, 2004

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A made up word!
When your in the mood to party!
"Is partyfulness a word?"
by Denny September 25, 2004

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Getting the heck out of town. Leaving the area.
It's butt shagging time!
by Denny March 02, 2005

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Another name for Congressional.
I know them from Congo.
by Denny May 27, 2004

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