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Usually pertaining to a couple that is always together..AKA ct
Person 1: there goes Bryan and Mandy they are always together
Person 2: yeah they’re like conjoined twins or something
person 1: They should change their name to Mryan
by deck man January 13, 2006
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Abbreviation for conjoined twins usually pertaining to a couple that is always together.
My girlfriend had another party to go to tonight so I guess we don’t get to CT it tonight.
by deck man December 11, 2005
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Pertaining to a kid that is so obnoxious it makes you never want to have kids especially through the use of birth control / rubbers. Hence “Rubber Baby”
Person 1: I went to my friend's house and their son is so out of control. He bit me seven times and punched me in the nuts twice.

Person 2 : I know me and my girlfriend were over there Saturday and it was enough to make us start using condoms

person 1 : Yeah he’s a real Rubber Baby

Source: deck man, stl
by deck man January 31, 2006
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A derivative of sleep walking but actually getting out of bed when sleeping and going and getting a snack.
guy1: hey man wake up
guy 2: What, what's going on
guy1 you’re sleeping on the couch covered in potato chips
guy 2: OH I must have been sleep eating
by deck man January 12, 2006
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Pronounced up-in-ya. The answer to almost any question from someone you don’t care to talk to or you would like to mess with
girl : Hey where are you going tonight?
guy : upinya
girl : where’s that? I’ve never been there?
guy : Oh you’ll see

annoying guy: (with pencil in hand) excuse me do you know where the pencil sharpener is?
guy 2 : Why yes I do, I believe it is upinya.
annoying guy: Oh then will you be a deer and point me in that direction?
guy 2: NO! Now go f@#k yourself
by deck man January 11, 2006
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