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A emoticon (smiley) of a stream of tears running down your unhappy face. The most extreme form of crying, and reserved for only the worst possible situations. Like when FX cancelled Terriers. Damn, that was a great show.
At first I was like :'( but then Katie confessed to Hank, and I was like :'''(
by ddude700 February 08, 2011

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A material which prevents attack, because if any destructive energy touches a corbomite vessel, a reverse reaction of equal strength is created, destroying the attacker.

A part of a bluff, the Corbomite Manoeuvre, used by Captain James T Kirk to protect the USS Enterprise NCC-1701.
"Dude, he was totally gonna punch me, but I got away using the Corbomite Manoeuvre."
by DDude700 December 01, 2008

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Terriers was a crime drama on FX back in the autumn of 2010. You probably didn't watch it. If you did, you would quickly realise it was the best show on TV. But sadly, it got cancelled. However, it managed to have a perfect single season.

The show was a comedy-drama about two unlicenced Private Investigators in San Diego. One is a recovering alcoholic, and the other a former criminal. It is kind of like Veronica Mars, only with adults.
Man, I started watched that tv show Terriers last night. Why didn't you tell me about it sooner?
by ddude700 February 08, 2011

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Anything which takes up a lot of your time. I can be homework, a diy project, a tv show, or even a ridiculously long nap. It can be enjoyable, or even productive, but it requiers sinking a lot of time into it... therefore timesink.
I decided to start baking my own bread... didn't realise it was such a timesink.

Mad Men is great, but it is such a timesink.
by ddude700 January 31, 2011

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To be so drunk that you vomit.
"Eeeeew, Phil got pillowed last night."
by DDude700 December 11, 2009

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