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A state of tiredness where one starts to feel intoxicated. Common symptoms include poor articulation and giddiness.
"I'm so pillowed"

Friend 1:DUDE we've been up for *counts fingers* 26 hours!
Friend 2:wooah nelly, I's expectin mmoore *laughs* mmoor *laughs* no no *laughs...continues laughing*
Friend 1:...ok then..?
Friend 2:*laughing* no no, I *continues laughing*
Friend 1:umm... you're just plain Pillowed man.
by HF clan April 18, 2010
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when a guy is seriously aroused and hides his bulge with a ready to hand pillow.
this girl last night was chatting so dirty and i kept getting inappropriate boners, i hid my bulge secretly, it was pillowed.
by greenskill August 03, 2014
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When you are sitting somewhere with someone and they get up and leave the room. You stack all the pillows you can find where they were just sitting so when they return they cannot sit down. Finally, you inform them they have been "pillowed"
Jenny totally pillowed Paul when he left the room. When he came back he had to move all those pillows.
by quickdraw_mcgraw May 06, 2011
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