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kick ass song by megadeth.
Just like the pied piper
Led rats through the streets
We dance like marionettes,
Swaying to the symphony...
Of destruction

chorus of symphony of destruction
by darthredneck August 25, 2006

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if you dont know what it is you probably cant afford it
hey you want a zjob
whats that
if you dont know wat it is you probably cant afford it
by darthredneck February 07, 2008

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a girl that was born in the month of jadurfuary
probably the biggest bitch youll ever meet
holy shit! jadurfus is coming put on ypur anti jadurfus armor
by darthredneck January 23, 2007

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internat slang for out loud laugh
that was some funny shit oll
by darthredneck August 20, 2006

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to hang out with people
hey , u guys wanna go blow something up saturday
by darthredneck January 16, 2007

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the act of jizzing in your partners orifice, be it an asshole, vagina, mouth, ear, wound, etc. You then tie a whole ham to your head and shove it into said orifice.
After recieving a pork pie hat from an anonymous person, dp began to curse for the first time in his life.
by darthredneck October 19, 2008

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