4 definitions by dab52

what you get when you put jay-z and big sean together.
by dab52 January 1, 2012
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when your alarm clock plays (for NO APPARENT REASON) A justin bieber song. Also, if your alarm clock wears purple sunglasses, shoes, or shirt (unlikely).
The normal click wouldn't shut the justin bieper up, so I took a baseball bat and smashed it to bits.
by dab52 August 16, 2012
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a substance that sounds creepy, but if you write the formula out, think again...
Bob: di-Hydrogen monoxide is gonna destroy the world

Joe: idiot... (takes a large gulp of water)
by dab52 December 30, 2011
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New motto for McDonalds, after lil wayne joined
I'm fuckin it. Ba da ba ba bum
by dab52 September 6, 2012
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