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Slang for Starbucks, the international coffeehouse chain that's main goal is to not let you get out the door without spending at least five bucks.

The name is derived from the fact that a star has five points
I caved and picked up a 3x Venti Mocha at the fivebucks.
by da5id April 17, 2004
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When you and your partner are getting frisky, then your partner grabs your inner thigh. This causes an orgasmic reaction that may affect your entire body.
Nick: You and Fred where really going at it today.
Maria: Oh I love it when he grabs my thigh it just really gets me going.

Nick: Ah Fred gave you some good inner thigh action.
by da5id February 23, 2017
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1. The belief that nothing is more important than an individual's sense of right and wrong.
2. A society made of individuals who believe in anarchy.
1.The student suddenly understood anarchy when he saw his friends work and cooperate without any bosses, orders, or commands.
by da5id November 6, 2003
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Bubba is a southern derivation on the word "Brother"
"Paw can me and bubba go down to tha stoah(Store)?"
by da5id October 7, 2004
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A sex act where you take off your pants. You then proceed to squat down and shit all over your marriage.
John: Did you here that about poor Rick?
Gary: Yeah I heard Vanessa gave him the old Missouri Fireman.
by da5id November 24, 2016
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