6 definitions by cutmeaslice

an area where attractive moms often congregate.
"dude have you been to that new save on foods? its a total milf mill!"
by cutmeaslice October 13, 2009
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when something is stolen or taken without due process. often used to describe when one cockblocks a friend's chances at hooking up with an attractive woman to boulster his own reputation or stroke his own ego (see max). Also used to describe when someone deliberately plays third wheel to weaken one's chances at hooking up with a woman of intrest.
steve: hey dude, how did it go with that chick last night?

trevor: not good man, rod totally sniped me, he's such a tard.


trevor: hey man, did you and that chick hook up after we left?

steve: yeah man, rod tried to snipe me but she shot him down, we ditched him and got durt nastay!
by cutmeaslice August 22, 2009
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when one gets messed up beyond repair. usually used to describe a state of intoxication but can also be used to describe physical pain caused by someone else.
steve: hey man how was your birthday?
levon: oh man, fuckin jagerbombs. i got so killstroyed. i dont even know how i got home.
by cutmeaslice September 23, 2009
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A wound acquired during a night of heavy drinking. a war wound often tells a tale, as most are collected during a period of blackout and hint at where the injured individual may have been the night prior. scrapes, cuts, bruises, sprains or broken bones all qualify as war wounds.
Oh dude, i woke up this morning with a couple of sick war wounds. i figure i must have gone to the beach last night after that bottle of rye because this cut on my knee is full of sand.
by cutmeaslice September 23, 2009
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one who in a conversation, discussion or argument deliberately or inadvertently makes ridiculous statements or repeats already invalidated points causing the other party lose their goddamn mind.
trevor: man, Charles is fucking retarded! i was trying to explain to him why the Shamwow is just a piece of corporate slag used to channel the masses into following a consumer driven conglomerate and all he kept saying was "get over yourself, Olympic divers use it"...

steve: i know man, dont worry about it, he's a goddamn Brain burglar.
by cutmeaslice September 23, 2009
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someone who spends hours at a time searching for nudity on youtube.
dude, i was so high last night, i just ended up youboob-ing until like 4 am!
by cutmeaslice October 13, 2009
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